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01-31-2002: "In the Country of Last Things"

David Moss, stemkunstenaar, met Akso Ensemble onder leiding vanPeter Rundel.
Waahaanzinnig prachtig, ook de teksten (2)

Heiner Goebbels
In the Country of Last Things (1994)
Bewerking Heiner Goebbels en Ali N. Askin
Tekst Paul Auster
Uit de cyclus: Surrogate Cities

These are the last things, she wrote
One by one they disappear and never come back.
I can tell you of the ones I have seen,
of the ones that are no more,
but I doubt, there will be time.
It is all happening too fast now, these are the last things.

A house is there one day,
and the next day it is gone.
A street you walked down yesterday
is no longer there today.

When you live in the city,
you learn to take nothing for granted.
Close your eyes for a moment,
turn around to look at something else
and the thing that was before you is suddenly gone.

Nothin lasts, you see.
Once a thing is gone, that is the end of it.

That is what the city does for you.
It turns you thoughts inside out.
It makes you want to live
and at the same time it tries to take your life away from you.
There is no escape from this.
Either you do or you don't.
And if you do, you can't be sure of doing it the next time.
And if you don't, you never will again.





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