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01-31-2002: "Surrogate (1994)"

In the Country of Last Things

David Moss, stemkunstenaar, met Akso Ensemble onder leiding vanPeter Rundel.
Waahaanzinnig prachtig, ook de teksten (3)

Heiner Goebbels (1952)
Surrogate (1994)
Bewerking Heiner Goebbels en Ali N. Askin
Tekst Hugo Hamilton
Uit de cyclus: Surrogate Cities

This is how I live
her letter continued...
put one foot in front of the other
and then the other foot in front of the first
and then I hope I can do it again.
Nothing more than that...

When you walk through the streets,
she went on,
you must remember tot take only one step at a time.
Otherwise, falling is inevitable.
Your eyes must be constantly open, looking up
looking down, looking ahead, looking behind,
on the watch for other bodies,
on your guard against the unforseeable.

the essential thin is not to become injured.
For habits are deadly.
Even if it is for the hundreth time,
you must encounter each thin as if you have never known it before.
No matter how many times it must always be the first time.
In the city, the best approach is te believe only what your own eyes tell
One step and then another stap and then another
that is the rule.
If you cannot bring yourself to even do that,
then you might as well just lie down right then and here
and tell yourself tot stop breathing.





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